1. Unlock your bootloader first by following this guide.
  2. Download TWRP for your device: A52 4G | A72
  3. Download patched VBMeta for your device: Download
  4. Remove your screen lock in Settings if you have OneUI installed.
  5. Fully turn off your phone.
  6. Connect your phone to a PC.
  7. Hold Volume Up + Volume Down + Power buttons until you enter Download Mode.
  8. Release all keys and then press the Volume Up button to confirm.
  9. Open Odin and check if your device is detected (it says "Added!" in the Message window).
  10. Put the TWRP .tar file you downloaded into the AP tab.
  11. Put the VBmeta .tar file you downloaded into the USERDATA tab.
  12. Once the phone reboots after pressing "Start", hold Volume Up + Power buttons until you reach TWRP.
  13. Click "Start", the phone will automatically reboot. Now hold Volume Up + Power buttons for at least 10 seconds until you boot into TWRP.
  14. If you properly followed all the steps you should now see the TWRP menu. If not, repeat all steps.
  15. Once you are in TWRP, go to "Wipe", select "Format Data" at the bottom and type in "yes" to confirm. This will erase all your data!
  16. You can now continue to install a custom ROM like LineageOS, PixelExperience, or NcX, or keep using the stock ROM.