1. Follow all the preinstall steps from here.
  2. Install OrangeFox using the guide here, or TWRP using the guide here.
  3. Download the crDroid build for your device A52 | A72(Not available for this device).
  4. If wanted, download Google apps too
  5. Copy the crDroid zip to your phone's SD card or a USB Storage, or use adb sideload method.
  6. Flash the crDroid zip using the "Install" button menu.
  7. After that go to "Wipe", "Format data" and confirm with "yes", otherwise you may end up in a bootloop if using encryption or coming from stock ROM.
  8. Again go into the "Wipe" menu, select "Advanced Wipe" and tick metadata and cache partitions.
  9. If you did everything correctly then your phone will reboot into crDroid.